Wednesday, 20 May 2015

500 Words a Day - Challenge Failed!

Snuggle Time!
I don't know what made me think I could keep up with the 500 words a day challenge whilst staying with my fella. To be honest when he's not at work, I have absolutely zero inclination to sit at the PC and do a post. I just want to snuggle down and enjoy my limited time with him.

This past weekend was a prime example - on Saturday, I had arranged to spend the day with his Mom. We were going to the Botanical Gardens here in St Louis to take some flower photographs and just get to know each other a bit but the weather decided it was not to be so we had lunch and chatted all afternoon instead.

That evening, Cold took us both to a lovely Italian restaurant on the Hill called Zia's. Oh my gosh, I've been there once before and remembered enjoying the food but this time, I enjoyed it even more than before! I even made room in my tummy for the gluten free chocolate fudge slice - talk about rich and heavy but it was absolutely heavenly!

Sunday and Monday disappeared in a haze of playing computer games, eating out and just hanging out together. I can't wait until I have my own PC here so we can play games together instead of one of us watching the other play. I have so much still to learn about how to set up my keyboard for optimum playing and I'm sure he's going to think my bad habits are crazy slow but I haven't been playing games all my life after all.

We're working our way through the Vikings TV series in the evenings - I think we're halfway through season 2 already and I'm loving it. It's not the fastest moving story but the slow, calm and very deliberate storytelling is keeping me entranced through each episode. It's definitely not recommended viewing for anyone who is squeamish about blood though! The Vikings were a violent bunch with a completely different set of standards to our modern world after all.

So I'm going to give up the challenge for now but I'll start again in June, once I get back to the UK and settle into my old routine. I'm still going to keep writing here in the meantime. I enjoy writing but I do struggle with inspiration sometimes, hence the waffling on about mundane life stuff!

I've started playing World of Warcraft again - well, I've logged in to send my followers on missions so far and had a great catch up chat with my favorite guildie but I fully intend to get my Paladin leveling again today - or maybe tomorrow. I'm feeling my other blog nagging me to get some posts done too!

Just in case you were wondering - Marcus and I are planning on recording a new episode of the Journal of Marcus Ty podcast this week so I'll have something to talk about, now that I'm playing again! As I'm so far behind in this expansion and am pretty clueless as to the state of the Auction House and economy, I'm going to use his WoW Gold Guide to get me back up to speed but in the meantime, it's back to snuggling for me!

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