Friday, 1 May 2015

500 Words a Day Challenge - Day 1

Yesterday Jamie posted his first blog post in ages about a 500 Words a Day Challenge and as I was having the shittiest few days ever, doubting myself and everything I have done for the last 6 weeks, it kind of resonated with me. Add to that a suggestion late last night from Scott to start writing here again & here I am, getting back to my random thoughts blog and filling my screen with words.

I followed the link in Jamie's post to James Greig's article and read through that too. I don't want to be a writer - that's not the point for me. It's more about writing everyday to create a new habit & bring some discipline into my free form days. My life is changing all around me and I'm attempting to build a business for myself, working from home or anywhere I can get internet access.

It looks like I'll be spending more time on James' blog too - he's been or going through this process and the couple of articles I've read so far, suggest he could be an inspiration for my own journey. I'm also following Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income blog and podcast - he's an interesting guy and I'd recommend his podcast to anyone who has dreams of a side hustle or making money online. I don't get the creepy feeling from his stuff that I get from so many entrepreneurs out there. Many are just snake oil salesmen using the internet to make big promises they can't keep!

I also came across this quote from Game of Thrones last night - it seems my prayers for inspiration and guidance were answered - I named this blog 'She Rides Dragons' because of Anne MacCaffrey's books and I always felt that the dragonriders were the bravest souls and I was fighting my own battles at the time.

Truly, I'm still fighting - not cancer or divorce anymore but myself. My seemingly complete inability to finish one thing before starting another, my endless supply of bright ideas that distract me or my tendency towards depression. It's all a form of procrastination - I know that but fighting that shiny object syndrome is probably going to be one of the hardest fights of my life. It's a personality trait I've had for almost 50 years after all.

I'm also not including words I write on my other 2 blogs in my word count. The 500 Words a Day is for this blog - it gives me a specific task to achieve and even if I have a bad day & get nothing else done, at least I can check this off my to-do list each day.

So let's do this challenge - 500 words a day for the whole of May & post worthy ones too! I will be late on one day as I'll be flying Stateside but I'll hand write my words that day & post it the next so I'm not even going to give myself an excuse to not post!

Wish me luck!

(word count day 1 - 514)


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