Sunday, 9 November 2014

One Minute Gaming #30 - Disco Bees

This week, I've been playing a game that Cold suggested, called Disco Bees. It's a match three type of game like Candy Crush but what makes this a little different is that the board is made up of hexagonal boxes rather than squares so all the moves are at an angle.

It has the same basic idea of swap two bees to make a row of 3 or more in the same color and some of the levels have boxes filled with honey which you have to clear. It's based on a limited number of moves per level and as usual, the levels get harder to complete the further up the ladder you get.

The animations are cute and for a row of 4 bees, you get a ninja bee which has a funny little animation to clear a whole row when you use it to make a match. I think Cold likes it because the music is pure 70's disco background. How he plays while disco dancing, I don't know!

It has a way to link to your Facebook account if you want to so you can send and receive presents and keep score on a friends leaderboard. There is some cash shop stuff but no where near as much as usual. I actually had to hunt for it which is a refreshing change for a free app!

Overall, it's a fun little time waster with animations that would be great for kids. It is just another version of Candy Crush though so I'd give it a 7 out of 10.

If you have a game you'd like me to try, you can contact me on Twitter @NevAHAddict or leave a comment below. So until next time, have fun!

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