Monday, 15 September 2014

One Minute Gaming #23 - Puzzix

This week I have another puzzle game for you called Puzzix - it's a little bit like Tetris but with nicer music, graphics and probably more polish. I used to love Tetris and was my family champion so I had to try this game out. It's available on the Apple iStore and on Amazon for Android users too which is a nice change. So many games I review are iPhone/iPad only as I don't have an Android phone with enough space to play games to review them!

The basic idea is the same as Tetris in that you have falling shapes that you need to fit together to clear them, but Puzzix only requires you to match 3 or 4 together to clear them. The shapes are a lot more complicated though so it evens out the difficulty level.

Each level is timed to 2 minutes and they get progressively harder. You start off with just 1 column of falling shapes but that increases as you go up the levels. I've got to level 20 and now I have 5 columns of falling shapes and more starter shapes already in place to clear.

The music is calming and so far, the game hasn't got faster but with the difficult shapes, I'm not sure it needs much more speed.

I like it although I'm not sure how long I'll keep playing. With the calmer music and gentler feel, it doesn't get the adrenaline flowing like Tetris used to so I'm going to give it a 7 out of 10.

If you have a game you'd like me to try, you can contact me on twitter @NevAHAddict or leave a comment below.

So until next time, have fun!

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