Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Titanfall Reviewed - A New Player Perspective

First off, it was Nonmail then Rez of EGP who started talking about Titanfall and slowly but surely, Cold got sucked in too. I resisted as long as I could but when I saw that Origin were doing a special 48 hour free pass weekend, I thought I'd surprise Cold by joining him in game.

I've played Call of Duty with my nephew on a console many years ago and I sucked at it so I didn't think I'd enjoy Titanfall either, hence my resistance but much to my surprise, I'm actually enjoying it!

The tutorial is pretty comprehensive for the types of moves you can make and things like wall running and double jumping are all covered, as is control of your Titan. That doesn't make it any easier when you play your first match though! Running at a wall and sticking to it long enough to run along the side of a building onto the roof of the next building is great fun and so is leaping off and landing fairly gently with the aid of your rocket pack to land. As someone who used to fall off random edges in WoW, a rocket pack is a great bonus!

Initially you go through a series of scenarios in Campaign mode - these are proper matches but varied to give you a taste of the different types of matches. Attrition is kill as many opponents as possible faster than they kill your team whilst Hardpoint Domination involves three bases you need to secure and hold - much like Warsong Gulch in WoW.

Once you are through both versions of the campaign mode, the multiplayer options open up, allowing you to play which of the Campaign scenarios you chose or to focus on one style of match. In addition to Attrition and Hardpoint Domination, there is Last Titan Standing, Pilot Hunt and Capture The Flag types too. I haven't tried any of those yet, I'm still shooting at computer driven grunts and spectres whilst feeding the opposing team with Pilot kills (me!).

The landscapes are, to me anyway, typically futuristic space type scenes - from seemingly dusty alien worlds to space stations and futuristic cities in decay - lots of nooks and crannies to hide in as a sniper or derelict buildings to drop through and surprise opponents when you land on top of them!

Not having played any other First Person Shooter (FPS) games in recent years, I have nothing to compare Titanfall to but although it's taken a while to adjust my mindset to multiple deaths, it feels a little bit like very high graphics in a WoW battleground scenario - I hated dying all the time there too until I adjusted my thinking. Obviously you don't want to die too often but if you do, it doesn't really matter too much in the overall scheme of things.

I didn't want to play with Cold initially because I always feel so useless and like I'm letting the team down - Titanfall doesn't make me feel like that. I can't keep up with Cold even if I try so I'm in the same match and on the same team but my dying doesn't affect him - well, except for me swearing excessively on Skype of course!

I'm still not very good and I'm not sure I'll ever be more than an average player but for now, I like it enough to splash out and buy the game! I'm playing on PC as is Cold but Titanfall is available for XBox One and XBox 360 - the great thing about it for us, is that US & EU players can play together - none of this separate server nonsense we usually struggle with.

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