Wednesday, 23 April 2014

T is for Twitter

So yeah, I spend a lot of time of Twitter - whether I'm trying to catch up with my American friends' overnight chats or keeping up with them in my evenings, chatting to my fella or my closer friends in direct messages - it all adds up to a huge amount of time! It's almost completely replaced Facebook for me and I was a heavy FB user!

I originally joined Twitter on my alter ego - Arty Allsorts, to join in the community chats & general publicising of our Etsy shops, way back in 2005/6 but my current account is @NevAHAddict and is linked to this blog and my Auction House Addict one too.

I only started this account when I first started making gold in World of Warcraft. I stumbled across a few blogs like Cold's Gold Factory and then a few podcasts and they all seemed to be on Twitter so I decided to  jump into the fray.

It's definitely been a fun ride - regular funny pictures or comments, some nice eye candy, convoluted conversations that need unraveling because of the way twitter links them and a fair bit of drama too. Luckily I have a tendency to lurk rather than join in, so I've managed to keep my head low from most of the drama.

It's a great platform for bloggers - I find it much easier to find others with similar interests than following random blog roll links. I also post a link to all my blog posts and quite often I retweet other blog posts that come through my twitter feed so that people who follow me can see them too. I read every single post I retweet so hopefully, if I find them interesting, others will too.

It was through Twitter that I met my fella, so of course I'm a big fan. Not sure quite what I would do with all my spare time if I stopped lurking on Twitter - probably get a whole lot more done of an evening but it wouldn't be half so much fun!


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  1. Twitter is a great medium for writing - it's really interesting to see what people say when they have to pare it down to 140 characters....

    Michelle @ In Media Res