Friday, 23 August 2013

It's a Holiday Weekend To-Do List!

So last time I made a to-do list was at the end of July and if I'm honest, I haven't actually done any of the things on that list! I'm really quite cross at myself for that but somehow I log in, do my gold making stuff then get distracted by Twitter, Facebook, Candy Crush (shhh! I know ok?) and Magic the Gathering so I never actually kill anything in game!

But having spent a chunk of last weekend installing the new TSM2 (a complicated Auction House addon!) and using it to craft & sell lots this week, I have been spending more time in game & some of my old guildies are back too. So I've promised myself a WoW heavy holiday weekend!

I have 2 new TCG pets to play with too - The Gusting Grimoire & the Eye of the Legion as well as a Vicious Grell to level up. I'm also thinking of swapping my herbalist to be my second Leatherworker ahead of the patch changes & I need Engineering at max level too so my 2nd Tailor may have to start swinging a hammer instead! I really want that new Engineering mount - the Sky Golem!

I was going to level up my abandoned Warlock for the Engineering but to be honest, I've just never connected with her! For some reason, I hate the way she looks and even with a lil bit of transmogging, I still can't seem to make myself play her! Once I've levelled Engineering on my Hunter, I think I'll delete her once & for all and start a new Warlock - if I don't get sidetracked first of course!

So that's my weekend kind of sorted - level 3 pets to 25 on my Hunter so she gets the xp too, drop Tailoring & Herbalism on my Rogue & Hunter & level Engineering & Leatherworking! Still not really proper playing I know but my Paladin will be busy skinning for materials for my new Leatherworker & my Warrior will have to leave the city to go mining if certain stuffs aren't available on the Auction House so maybe I'll actually get around to killing some stuff this time!

I'll let you know how it goes and to be honest, I really need to uninstall Candy Crush! It's a stupid game but I'm the kind of person that doesn't let a stupid game beat her so yeah, it's caught me in its' net! Level 100 could be the final straw though - after 2 days of playing that one level, I could happily throw my ipad through my monitor & I really don't want to do that now do I? lol

have a great weekend everyone xxx


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  1. Happy weekend Nev!

    Maybe put your warlock to-do for the alt appreciation week!
    I've never been bothered to make a DK before but I did for alt appreciation and I'm really looking forward to playing her this afternoon!

    1. That's a good idea Saisa! Delete this one & make a new one for Warlock Alt Week - takes the pressure off too 'cos that won't be until late October! Yay! ty :)