Friday, 5 July 2013

Secret Projects, New Tech & More!

I Love Cuddles!
It's been a strange week here at Casa Nev - full of ups & downs as the 1 year anniversary of my breast cancer looms ever closer with my hospital check-up next week. I thought I was ok with it all but that appointment is definitely looming ever larger in my random thoughts. Not that I think there's anything to worry about but I guess I won't rest easy until I get a definite all clear again.

Been busy at work in my new job - week 3 and we had the annual auditors visit - interesting when they are asking me stuff like 'where's this invoice' and all I can say is 'see that cupboard over there?' because I have no idea yet where anything is or how things were done in the last financial year!

I started the week in WoW with more pet battles but I finally caved in and treated myself to an iPad which arrived on Wednesday. I spent most of that evening downloading new apps and logging in to my regular ones like Twitter. It was most peculiar to be sitting at my computer & responding to tweets via iPad even though I had Twitter open on my PC!

I treated myself to Netflix too so Thursday evening was the first evening since last August that I spent away from my computer desk. I actually sat on the sofa and watched some tv & played some silly games. That may sound strange but as I didn't even have a sofa until about 3 months ago & I still have no television, I haven't had many options for getting away from the PC other than to lie in bed & read or sit on the floor or something! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all - I made my choices & I'm pretty happy with them so far.

I've also started my own improvement project - joining a gym, eating sensibly & trying to shape up a bit. Eventually I'll add giving up smoking to that list but with everything going on, I don't think right now is the best time to add nicotine withdrawal to my list! There's something else on my self-improvement list but I don't think I'm ready to share that yet - it will be the biggest step though and probably another life-changer for me.

As for my secret project, that started a couple of weeks ago & this morning was almost finalised. The end results will be made public in the next few days & I am mega-stoked to share it with you. It's been really hard keeping it to myself but I think & I hope it will be a popular move with my friends & my readers.

I'll be back to pet battling posts next time though - I'm heading in now to finish of Northrend & maybe the Cataclysm zones too before bedtime tonight! 

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  1. Waiting is never easy at the best of times, let alone for an appointment like that! But I'm sure it'll all be fine :) In terms of self-improvement I haven't gone mental and joined a gym but I have given up smoking without even realising! I'm not sure what happened but over the past 2-3 weeks I havent felt the need to smoke. I must admit that I have on the odd occassion (normally social occasions) but it's something!
    Ooh a secret project, I look forward to reading about this!! :D

    1. ooh gratz on stopping smoking (for whatever reason & however you did it!) that's a toughie for most people.

      Secret project is almost ready to go public too - squeeee!