Saturday, 1 June 2013

Neverwinter - My Latest Distraction

It's been over a month since I posted on AH Addict & almost as long for this blog but now you get 2 posts in one day!  I'm away on my travels again so I've hardly been online at all even though I have access on an old PC, it drives me crazy because it's so old & slow & prone to blue screens! My friend has gone back to work after almost a full week off & I thought I'd better get my brain going again!

A few weeks ago, my Twitter feed was alight with talk of a new free to play MMO called Neverwinter. I wouldn't call myself a gamer girl by any means, I don't think playing WoW for 3 years really qualifies me for that. I've never played any other MMO unless you count about 3 hours in Rift on a PC that could barely run it so Neverwinter has been quite an eye opener for me.

For starters, the whole movement thing had me confused, press w & use the mouse to steer? I've been a keyboard mover in WoW for years so that was a bit weird & when I did briefly log into WoW, I struggled to move there - kept moving my mouse & wondering why I wasn't changing direction! lol

What I haven't done in Neverwinter is play the Auction House there - I find the interface very limited & the volume & sheer amount of unknown stuff is daunting. I thought I'd whizz through on one character to get a feel for professions & what loot drops might be like but it turns out, I'm not just slow leveler in WoW, I'm slow in Neverwinter too! It's not too difficult to make Astral Diamonds in Neverwinter though, I'm just being very lazy!

I've been playing a Devoted Cleric (heals/damage/ranged) & a Control Wizard (damage/ranged) - I tried the Guardian Fighter to tank with Cold running a Cleric to heal - thinking we could blast through but I hated the Guardian Fighter! I've also started a Great Weapon Fighter & although she's only level 5-6 right now, so far, I quite like it.

When I get home again though, I have to decide whether to halt my WoW subscription or play properly & put Neverwinter on a back burner. I want to keep my AH Addict blog going & if I can find a nice project to work on, Neverwinter will be an occasional thing but I am enjoying it. I'd definitely recommend giving it a try even if I have no other game experience to compare it too. It's definitely not like WoW though so don't expect a WoW-clone. I'm on the Mindflayer Shard if you want to add me - set up your character there & poke me here or on Twitter & I'll give you my details then :)

I'll probably put a few Neverwinter posts here when I gather my thoughts more, I'm sure there is all sorts of stuff that could be talked about, especially as it's so new there are very few blogs or fansites out there yet!


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  1. Gasp! If you halt your sub I'll never find you :D But it sounds like you're having fun in Neverwinter.